Humanity Circle

Build the society we want

Humanity Circle is a place for the sharing of ideas, projects and thoughts which are directed towards making society a more harmonious place. Generating support and solutions that can help people create environments that are satisfying. Governments, business, family and home are all part of the picture.

We are interested in projects that are focused on stability and welfare of the society.  Trying to help wellbeing and interaction with the environment.



Social innovation brings the best improvements to community awareness. We aim to pro-actively support and harness these ‘grass roots’ movements.

5 values for each finger of a hand give us guidance:

  1. Thumb – Each person is making their own choices
  2. First finger – Society aims to create a stable environment for all
  3. Middle finger – Solutions can be discovered through talking
  4. Fourth finger – To be decided
  5. Fifth finger – To be decided